Timing Belt Repair in Miami

Avoid More Costly Repairs

Many people find out that they need to have their timing belt replaced and decide against it because of the expense. It is true that at even the most affordable auto shops, a timing belt repair or replacement is an expensive repair. What is also true is that if you fail to get your timing belt repaired, it can lead to even more expensive damage. Timing belts wear naturally over time, even with proper maintenance. Part of the reason for the expense is how extensive the process is. Allow our team at Champion Auto Clinic provide the proper timing belt repair you can rely on.

How the timing belt repair is usually done:

  • Remove anything in the way of accessing the engine timing cover
  • Remove the cover and inspect the timing belt and pulleys
  • Remove and replace timing belt, pulleys, and water pump
  • Put the timing cover and all removed parts back in place
  • Run the engine and check for proper engine operation

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